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Interior and Exterior Wood Spiral Stairs


Ten Year Warranty Policy

US Stairs has an exclusive 10 year warranty

Unique Spiral Stairs, Inc. (here after referred to Unique) warranties our products to be manufactured from the highest quality materials available and to be constructed of the wood species specified. Unique warrants that our staircases are built to the specifications as provided under the terms of the proposal and contract as signed and approved by owner or agent, and are to be free from defects in material (as dictated by the lumber association governing the species of wood) and workmanship for a period of 10 years to commence from the date of completion only to the original end user of the staircase. If end user or agent supplies materials, then we do not warrant that portion of the product.

This Limited Warranty is null and void if material has been abused, altered, or erected in non-accordance to general stair-building practice as recommended by Unique.  Further,    if any unpaid balance remains on any portion of the staircase or accessories project for more than 30 days, the warranty is void for the entire project.

All staircases are shipped fully sanded and ready for finish.  Staircase and accessory parts should be sealed or finished with several coats within 30 days of completion to avoid any possibility of raised grain or checking of unfinished wood further resulting in voiding the warranty. Unique requests photos of the stair after the finished coat has been applied to be entered into the file for the project. No photos could compromise the warranty.

Unique will repair or replace, at their option, any part of the staircase it finds to be the fault of Unique provided the above has been followed. If it is determined to be the fault of installation or failure to properly seal or apply the finish to the staircase or accessories, Unique will repair or replace (at their option) the staircase part or accessories and charge for the cost of replacement or repair on a time and materials basis.

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