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Interior and Exterior Wood Spiral Stairs

Custom Handrails and Balusters - options

~ if you can think it, we can either make it or aquire it ~

The following links are some of our available handrail profile shapes

USS07,USS12, USS13, USS14, USS15, USS15.5, USS16, USS17, USS18, USS19, USS20, USS22, USS25 , 6010

The following are some of our available Baluster shapes, metal baluster offerings and their respective finishes

5015 balusters, Square Balusters, Metal Balusters, 4400 Newel, 4500 Newel, 5200s Balusters, 5301& 4200 Newels, 540s & 4180 Newels

Although we specialize in curved rails or spiral handrail systems, the more common straight rail and baluster systems come very easy to us. We offer Unique deck rails, balusters, balcony rail and enclosure rail systems along with gates and handrails. Our offerings consist of several options. A combination of wood rails with metal balusters, wood railings with wood balusters or all metal rail and baluster systems. Unique has you covered ~

Click the wood options button on this page to see our wood species selection.

Metal offerings consist of plain steel rail and balusters, stainless steel rails and baluster systems, cast iron rails and balusters, wrought iron rails and balusters or aluminum rails and baluster systems. Finishes for steel rails and balusters are available in powder coat (see metal balusters for available finishes), galvanized or raw steel are also available.

Our wood rail or metal rail and baluster systems are available for interior or exterior use - dependent on the wood species chosen and metal type or finish chosen. Not only do we have thousands of metal balusters throughout the USA installed in our wood spiral stairs, balcony rail systems, closure rail systems and deck rails, we also have them in metal spiral stairs, gates and handrail systems, safety rails and guardrail systems.

We offer wood or metal newel posts, light posts and sign posts or even mail box posts ~ we even have a mahogany mail box post ourselves - shazam!

Most metal spiral stair manufacturers know who we are and realize that we know all about stairs while maintaining an extensive background in nearly every type of stair design. This is the very reason why we were approached by several to market and sell their products.

In addition to wood products manufacturing at our Albion wood stair facility, Unique has also been providing metal products from our trusted suppliers for decades - in fact, we have supplied hundreds of metal spiral stairs throughout the USA. Fire escape stairs and metal spiral stair finishes are available in the same finish offerings as our metal rail and baluster offerings.

We have a few manufacturers that we have chosen to work with over the years and only as an alternative to our wood offerings - since that is our forte. We have done so rather quietly for over 25 years - Send us your staircase or handrail job or even throw us a curve ~ we can take it.

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