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Hard Maple Hardwood Option from Unique Spiral Stairs

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The following is acceptable for interior use

Hard Maple
Sources North America Hard Maple Hardwood Spiral Stair Option
Other Names Sugar Maple &l Rock Maple
Characteristics A very pale sapwood to a dark brown heart wood. The texture is very even and fine. Weight is medium to heavy. Density is hard.
Milling Plans and cuts easily with minimal chipping.
Shaping Keeps a great edge and can be routed into profiles without any problems.
Finishing Finishes to a superb lustre. Wax will not sink into the grain, so you're better off building up a surface finish.
Key Uses Furniture, cabinet making, interior trim, flooring & butcher blocks.
Comments One of the most commonly used New England hardwoods. Is always readily available in lengths, widths & thicknesses. The figured woods are in high demand and are usually more costly.

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