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Interior and Exterior Wood Spiral Stairs

White Ash Hardwood Option from Unique Spiral Stairs

The following is acceptable for interior use

White Ash

US & Canada
Other Names
American White Ash
A very strong wood of medium weight. The sapwood is white while the heartwood is almond to dark brown. It also has excellent bending properties.
Usually planes easily but can chip if knives are not sharp.
Should make shallow cuts, as the grain can tear out.
Will take all finishes well, but hard patches will not take a stain. When using outside preservatives are needed.
Key Uses
One of the most useful woods that can be used inside and out, from furniture to handles to sports equipment to boat building.
Cost of this wood is relatively low and stock is available in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses. But remember, this wood yellows in time.

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