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Interior and Exterior Wood Spiral Stairs

Installation support

Unique Spiral Stairs, Inc. (here after referred to as Unique)

Option A:Unique offers for hire our experienced craftsmen for an installation crew to make the job fit perfect and be completed in a timely manner. The benefits are the experience of our many staircase installs and some intricate tooling that keep us in the lead in terms of craftsmanship and the elusive time schedule. Who could be better to install your staircase than the people that built it?

Option B:We realize that not everyone can spring for a crew to drive or fly out and ship the neccessary tools to the job site. Our solution is to offer for hire one installation manager to go on site and supervise your crew for the installation of the staircase. This makes it easier to go nearly anywhere and we can rely on the tooling of the finish crew presently working on-site. Our experience would prove to be a valuable tool and would shave off hours.

Also offered for hire are our design/drafting consultants. The way we see it, if we hire them to do work for us, they can be trusted to design for our customers too.

Let us know what you may have for ideas or questions and we will do our best to offer a solution.

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